27 juillet 2009

Witness young woman tells about being raped by JW/WT

Last year french television also broadcasted a shootage of violations committed in the Jehovah Witnesses.
It seems to be frequent.

25 juillet 2009

Childhood development: Early learning, the Brain and Society

Amazing conference to understand the Child's brain development.
"The acquisition of language needs interaction between both parents and Child"
Obviously Children of divorce often can't benefit from Parental education.

10 septembre 2008

Numerous international conventions exist on child protection and parental responsibility

Child protection is an important matter which is treated under a large number of international conventions. Whereas the scope of the conventions differ, they all have as their object the promotion at international level of the well-being of the child.

The United Nations
The 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child

This Convention affirms that all children are equal and entitled to enjoy their rights to survive, develop, participate and be protected. It sets out the principle that the best interest of the child shall be the primary consideration in all actions concerning children. All Member States have ratified the Convention.

The Council of Europe
The 1950 European Convention on Human Rights

This Convention protects fundamental rights and freedoms and sets up the European Court of Human Rights, capable of guaranteeing their respect. A number of provisions are relevant to the family and children, such as the rights to respect to family life (Article 8). It is ratified by all Member States.

-The 1967 European Convention on the adoption of children

The aim of this Convention is to harmonise the laws of Member States and to avoid conflict of laws where the adoption involves a transfer of the child from one State to another. It deals with the conditions for and legal consequences of an adoption. It is ratified by Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

-The 1975 European Convention on the legal status of children born out of wedlock

This Convention seeks to assimilate the status of children born out of marriage with that of children born by married parents. It is ratified by Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

-The 1980 European Convention on recognition and enforcement of decisions concerning custody of children and on restoration of custody of children

This Convention recognises in its Preamble that the welfare of the child is of overriding importance in reaching decisions on custody. It seeks to provide a remedy to the difficulties arising caused by custody disputes between parents living in different European States. It is ratified by all Member States.

-The 1996 European Convention on the exercise of children's rights

The aim of this Convention is to protect the best interests of children. It contains a number of procedural measures designed to ensure that children's rights are respected.
It is ratified by Germany and Greece.

The new Contact Concerning Children Convention

The aim of the Convention is to determine the general principles to be applied to contact orders, as well as to fix appropriate safeguards and guarantees to ensure the proper exercise of such contact and the immediate return of children at the end of the period of contact. The Convention has not yet entered into force.

The Hague Conference

The Hague Conference has adopted several conventions in the field of child protection,

The most important of the more recent Conventions are:

-The 1993 Convention on protection of children and co-operation in respect of intercountry adoption This Convention aims at protecting adoptive children in their home countries, if possible by offering them a home in those countries. It provides for co-operation between the authorities of the different States. It is ratified by Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.
-The 1980 Convention on the civil aspects of child abductionThe aim of this Convention is to protect children from the harmful effects of abduction and retention across international boundaries by providing a procedure to bring about their prompt return through a system of co-operation between central authorities. It is ratified by all Member States.
-The 1996 Convention on Jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition, enforcement and co-operation in respect of parental responsibility and measures for the protection of the childrenThis Convention lays down rules on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of measures on parental responsibility and child protection. The jurisdiction lays in principle with the Contracting State of the habitual residence of the child. A mechanism is set out for co-operation between central authorities.

The Convention has not yet entered into force.

Reference documents

Convention on the Rights of the Child (United Nations)

Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (Council of Europe)

European Convention on the Adoption of Children (Council of Europe)

European Convention on the Legal Status of Children born out of Wedlock (Council of Europe)

European Convention on recognition and enforcement of decisions concerning custody of children and on restoration of custody of children (Council of Europe)

European Convention on the exercise of children's rights (Council of Europe)

Convention on contact concerning children (Council of Europe)

Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in respect of Intercountry Adoption (Hague Conference)

Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (Hague Conference)

Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Co-operation in respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Children (Hague Conference)

22 avril 2008

Reports on sectarian crimes

If you'd wish to have further informations concerning Children rights facing sectarian drifts and cults, please check the website treating this subject extensively in France:

Interministerial Mission of vigilance and fight against sectarian drifts. For the 2003 report please click here

Let us remind that the only Defender of the Rights of the Child in the world who has denounced sectarian crimes comitted against children is the Defender of the Minors of the autonomous Community of Madrid in Spain www.dmenor-mad.es

You will also be able to find some articles on the sites of information ICSA International Cultic Studies Association, HEMEROSECTAS and PREVENSECTES
For the parents of children submitted against their will, the legal systems of the European Union rarely offer the necessary benevolence to the respect of the Human rights - UNO, and 1789 - and curiously apply the International convention of Children Rights - CIDE UNO NYC 1989-

We are in favour of the dejudiciarisation of the divorces and separations, the Family Mediation most favourably outside legal fields, if not, a preventive and therapeutic use of the Law.
In France laws exist, alas well seldom applied by the judges of the sections of the Family or Childhood against the sectarian organizations (cf: article of France Soir of January 14, 2005) or the sectarized parent.

Article 371-1 of the french Civil code: the parental authority is a whole of rights and duties having for finality the interest of the child to protect him in his safety, its health and its morality. To ensure his education and to allow his development, in the respect due to his person.

17 avril 2008

Interviews, news and talk shows on the Parental Network Europe TV service

We intend to improve our TV service.

Due to the huge quantity of material on the web, please feel free to give us a hand, you can upload yourself programs or conferences you have, we'd be glad to have them as favorites on our dailymotion, vodeo or youtube's services .

We advise some of the footages are tough.
Please control access for the kids, as some of the images could impact young minds.
Also we can't really impose only critical videos, it is quiet interesting to see what cults and therapies propose to the surfer on the web. We can't ensure quality and content, it's raw material, we can't check every single video (help wanted).

Please exercize your freedom of mind as for a few it's commercials for weird therapies, gurus or cults.

How to become a guru a leader of a cult:

Parental Responses to Their Children's Cult Membership

More for english speaking countries

Cultic Studies Jounal

Parental Responses to Children's Cult Membership

Description: By Lita Linzer Schwartz, Ph.D.


Most of the literature published on today's "new religious movements," or "cults," has paid scant attention to the parents of cult members. The author's surveys of parents of ex-cult members, together with published accounts and the perceptions of professionals in the field, reveal parents' initial emotional reactions to their children's cult involvement and the actions they subsequently took -- deprogramming, court-ordered guardianship, exit counseling, law suits, and family therapy. The author concludes with advice about how parents can more effectively deal with the experience.

Price: $3.00
icsa at icsamail.com
aff at csj.org for further informations

18 janvier 2008

Merci! Thanks Gracias

for inviting me to be part of this blog and practice my French.
This is Paul Lennon, president of REGAIN, inc., http://www.regainnetwork.org/ which is dedicated to inform the world about the true nature of the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement which originated in Mexico, the Spanish speaking world and the English speaking world.
Feel free to visit our webpage or ask questions,

17 mars 2007

Friedrich Griess: Cults - a challenge for our civil society

Report of President of FECRISE, Herr Friedrich Griess at the International Scientific-Practical Conference on "Legal, psychological, medical and ethical aspects of the issues of counteraction from destructive and extremists manifestations in society" Ukrania, Lviv, 16-17 March 2007

28 février 2007

SRCM: Lalaji Memorial OMEGA school becomes boarding school

This is in the Hindu, Newspaper...

Extracted from Don's blog a contradictor to SRCM cult

Some of you might know my experience with "Boarding schools", you may also know that I am duty-bound to not be "silent" on the issue of Religious Boarding Schools, specially when someone I know is "supporting" the concept and the implementation with their time and money and "LOVE"...the same love that will "disarm" the kids when Religion, with it's "position" of power, merges with "education" with it's position of power. It took many generations for the abuses in the Christian communities to even come up, and be believed by anyone, and for anyone to come forward. And then it broke...

LOVE and OBEDIENCE are powerful weapons to be used on KIDS specially when in the hands STRANGERS with a "power" agenda because of a lack of power in their own lives....Pedophiles know that, and they are "speaking out" also and giving us their "modus operandi" and how they chose their victims...


I will speak out against this concept and request that you please try and stop the LMOS "Boarding School" if you can... or at least dare to look and find out....and speak out now...You will not see the "abuse" when and if it happens....it took a lot of "brave" boys and many shattered lives to expose the catholic Boarding School abuses.

According to a news program on the CBC (the Canadian (national) Broadcasting Corp.) there are apparently 50,000 cases of abuse in the cultish Jehovah's Witnesses community in North America alone, kept "under wraps" by the "old boys network" of the JW "elders". Now the numbers for Fundamentalist Christains are starting to come out for their "youth programs" and "value based" programs" (the new PR buzzword)

This is a message of warning from me: ascertain that this is not a "dormitory" with guardians situation where the kids are living at a "school" facility.

None of the officials will address the issue publicly... You now know, I told you. The abhyasis "Brothers and Sisters" LOVE their Master, Mission, and Method too much to dare to speak or even read un-authorized material.....read their curriculum (Value Based Spiritual Education)....None would dare bring back the Religious "residential" or Religious Boarding School concept in Canada.

Only a religious "private school" in another more stratafied society or country would dare.

See on-line, the dormitories at Lalaji Memorial Omega School at:

Leave the kids of others in the care of their own family...not religion nor the state. These are the kids of the "wealthy" with just a few token poor (or chosen, or selected, like myself), who, being out of their own "class", and hence vulnerable, will become the "victims". Some will re-adjust and survive and others will mal-adjust and become "different". And some won't survive...And hence the societal guilt to be "milked" by organizers of another gang of "Brothers and Sisters"...

Warning: LMOS becoming a BOARDING SCHOOL

From the Hindu newspaper, Feb 28, 07

The Lalaji Memorial Omega School proposes to start a week-boarder programme in the second year. Students will be provided nutritious snacks and meals on campus and transportation. Situated 5 km from the Mission's ashram in Manapakkam, the school will cater for parents looking for "quality education" for their children in the Porur-Tambaram and Kunrathur-Medavakkam belt.

Don, the webmasters comment...

Religion and Value Based Education at the Christian "Brothers and Sisters" Boarding Schools in North America became a "pedophile magnet" that brought abuse to many generations of children until with the age of "religious freedom" in the West when the "victims" began speaking to the more receptive new power of the Media.

That exposed the "scandals" that eventually brought down the "Brothers and Sisters" and their "religious boarding schools. The pedophiles that joined the "brothers and sisters" came from all around the world and specially Europe, where the "citizens" had freed themselves from the "religious yoke" a century or so earlier.

The Vatican was caught in many scandals including supporting the "oppressive" fascists because they were "catholics". The current Catholic Pope was a "Hitlerian Youth". We know of the abusive nature of that quasi-religion, quasi-cult system with it's focus on "obedience", that also has some of it's roots or tentacles in India, and Brahminism, through Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society.

In my town the Brothers' (one) school is now an appartment complex, and the Sisters' (two) schools are commercial buildings. The community forced them to "leave the town" and they had to retire in another part of the country...Much the same reaction was directed to the SRCM Mission in the little french village of "Dole" in France. (the old Peugeot Castle and Headquarters of the Mission in Europe. The new headquarters are now at the Vraad Sande Castle in Denmark.

Some of the Pedophiles who are now speaking about their "disease", state that: "We make them (the kids) LOVE us, because the more they love us the less they will speak out. We also get their "mothers" to "love us".

With relgion as the "authority" teaching LOVE, and the school as the authority teaching "OBEDIENCE", the pedophile has little work to do to get the children to "love" and "obey" them.

Do not repeat the mistakes of Christian religious history. Do not support RELIGIOUS BOARDING SCHOOLS...You will have to tear them down and compensate for the victims as they gather their shattered lives. Religious boarding schools are a thing of the past in most of the developed world.

and....WHY "Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School"? Why "OMEGA"? Is it the END? as in Apocalyptic? Searching (Googling) "LMOS" brings up LIVING MODIFIED ORGANISMS....Is that it? Is it a "cryptic" show and tell in conscious or sub-conscious code? Did you guys vote on the Name? lol

PS. Lalaji Memoria OMEGA School is operated by the Baal Vatika Education Society, a entity created by the SRCM(tm). The SRCM(tm) will then not be directly "liable" for any wrongdoings. (Research the words "Baal" and "Vatika" (as in Vatican) and their meaning in Hindu and also in the cultures surrounding India)


19 décembre 2006

What religious leaders are saying about combatting cult mind control

The number one Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults

"Combatting Cult Mind Control combines superb research with authentic personal experience. The result is a remarkable achievement. Steve Hassan's book is especially welcome today when critical thinking, privacy, and freedom of conscience are being dangerously undremined in our society. It is a book that gets behind todays headlines, and tells us why destructive mind control groups are multiplying in the world. Best of all, Hassan outlines what action is needed to win this vital battle. Combatting Cult Mind Control is important reading for political leaders, teachers, clergy, doctors, lawyers and the media. Congratulations on a job well done!"

-Rabbi James A. Rudin, Director of National Interreligious Affairs for the American Jewish Committee and Co-author of Prison or Paradise: The New Religious Cults

"Combatting Cult Mind Control is an important addition to the growing literature on destructive cults. The book's practical value is enhanced by the author's extensive experience as a counselor to concerned families following his own involvement in a well-known cult. It is both readable and informed by scholarship."

-Dr. Ronald M. Enroth, Professor of Sociology at Westmont College and Author of The Jesus People, Why Cults Succeed Where the Church Fails, A Guide to Cults & New Religions, and A Guide to Cults.

"I came away from this book with a heightened sense of the urgency of the problem of mind-controlling cults, and a heightened admiration for Steven Hassan's work in understanding them and liberating people from them. It is a clear and valuable work."

-Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, Author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People and When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough

".....what he writes makes sense and he certainly speaks from a wealth of experience, both as an ex-cultist and as a successful 'unshackler'of the chains that bind. He deserves a hearing. Preachers and teachers, especially, should read it. Since the author tells us that there are currently as many as 3,000 destructive mind-control cults in the U.S. alone--with as many as 3,000,000 members trapped in these systems of evil--get this book and study it well! In fact, we would recommend that psychology classes on the collegiate level use it as one of the reference works on their required reading lists."

-Robert L. Sumner, D.D., Editor of The Biblical Evangelist

"I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorse Steve Hassan's new book Combatting Cult Mind Control. As an evangelist within the Churches of Christ since1973, one initial concern I had was that the client would be robbed of their faith in God if they talked with Steve. That concern was totally unfounded on my part. Steve always respects the faith of the client. In fact, he encourages the client to continue their search for a deeper faith in God. Steve seeks to educate concerning issues of mind control and how those issues impact the life of the client. Once the client has a clear understanding of the issues of mind control, they then decide if they want to remain in their respective group. Again, let me say, that Steve does not attempt to destroy a person's faith in God. Steve's book demands the widest circulation in all disciplines of the helping professions."

-F.H. (Buddy) Martin, Evangelist for the Church of Christ

"Steve Hassan has produced an excellent work on the destructive cult phenomenon. In clear, concise tones he puts forth basic information on the problem. His analysis of the root causes of destructive cultism results from the fact he was a member of one such group and has personally experienced these elements. There are many people today who would wish away the cult problem if they could. Others seek to blame the individual for whatever difficulty may have arisen. A certain element also projects the protection of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to every action of a cult member, and often to the group itself. Combatting Cult Mind Control puts everything into proper perspective. He explains the differences between coercion and freedom. He plunges right into the intricacies of mind manipulation to produce a clear understanding of the process and the dangers. In what I consider to be a unique feature of Steve Hassan's treatment of the cult phenomenon, and in particular, the element of mind control, he shows how mind control is not inherently evil. The cults use it for a selfish and controlling purpose. But as Steve indicates, for example, a proper use of mind control for cases of severe depression could restore new freedom to great numbers of people. It is an excellent book for parents, especially those who have lost one or more children to one of these destructive cults."

-Rev. James J. LeBar, Consultant on Cults for the Archdiocese of New York

"...Combatting Cult Mind Control offers amazing insight...The author probes beyond doctrine to uncover the thought control techniques common to many cults. Without this insight into the mental processes involved, a Christian worker can expend great effort trying to reach trapped individuals with no positive results."

-David A. Reed, Christian Research Journal

"If you want a book full of gossip stories about the abuses in the inner circle of cult groups, this is not your book. If you want a serious book examining some of the unhealthy methods and motivations used by a wide variety of groups, you will find this book valuable...When it comes to dealing with cults, there are some things on the market which leave a lot to be desired in the attitude the author portrays; but Mr. Hassan's book conveys a helpful, non-vindictive attitude. It is an intelligent, thought-provoking look at a subject that confronts all of us."

-Denny Boultinghouse, Editor of Image Magazine (Church of Christ)

"Steve Hassan's book, Combatting Cult Mind Control manifests a comprehensive and lucid definition of what cult researchers and professionals refer to as "mind control." Hassan extends his research beyond the ordinary definition in order to present a palpable illustration of the human mind and the vulnerability of the human being to cult recruitment in the quest for warmth, friendship, meaning and fulfillment. Hassan's touching story of struggle with his entrance, involvment, and exit from the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, in addition to his insightful extrapolation, is an imperative lesson to be shared with every human concerned with the ideal of democracy, human dignity, and freedom of thought. It is my hope that this book will be generated to many readers including parents of children in cults, ex-members, and the public at large. This work, a result of Hassan's experience and laborious research, is a most crucial contribution to the understanding of cults and the prevention of their further destructive influence on our society."

-Dr. Phillip Abramowitz, Director of the Interfaith Coalition of Concern About Cults

"Hassan is a master in the difficult task of opening closed minds. Anything he writes is on my booklist concerning destructive religious practices."

-Robert Watts Thornburg, Dean of Marsh Chapel, Chaplain to Boston University

"...a most interesting and unusual book which I feel compelled to bring to your attention. Mr. Hassan reminds us that "people don't join cults; cults recruit people". And our people are sustaining tremendous losses on this front. This is a book which should be read by all, lay and professional alike. It is a must for the impacted family. It is an education for th uniformed and a valued text for the teacher and the professional. It is easily read and understood as it is highlighted by personal comment and example."

-Rochelle Baltuch, Education Director for Adath Yeshurun, The United Synagogue of America

"The current literature on the phenomenon of cults and mind control has, until now, been found in scattered, too condensed, or too specialized sources. Steve Hassan has brought to us a synthesis of both the valuable work of his predecessors and his own personal reflection on the subject of cults, thought reform and mind abuse. I heartily recommend his book as a valuable resource on the subject. It provides counsel and reflection on positive means to enhance the freedom of individuals and assist them to make free, informed choices for their lives."

-Father Wm. Kent Burtner, O.P., Dominican Fathers for the Holy Rosary Church

"Seldom does a book come along that I feel that I can recommend to all audiences, but Combatting Cult Mind Control just happens to be one of them. In addition to being free of difficult language and abstract psychological concepts, this work is fun to read and almost everyone can relate to how mind control works, since Hassan does not limit the scope to religious organizations. Most importantly, Jehovah's Witnesses can be encouraged to read it without fear of being disfellowshipped, since it does not even mention the Watchtower once in the book. Former Witnesses and relatives of JWs will find the book very helpful in understanding how and why people get into groups like the Watchtower, and how their minds are being intentionally manipulated from the very first contact. Relatives will discover why reasoning with the JW regarding the organization or their doctrine seldom works. Hassan concludes by giving several potentially disarming questions to ask a cultist bent on recruiting you or someone else."

-Randall Watters, Bethel Ministries, Author of Thus Saith...The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and Defending the Faith

"...Hassan's book is an excellent introduction to mind control in a cult setting or in broader society."

-Gary Leazer, Director of the Interfaith Witness Department for the Southern Baptist Convention