17 avril 2008

Interviews, news and talk shows on the Parental Network Europe TV service

We intend to improve our TV service.

Due to the huge quantity of material on the web, please feel free to give us a hand, you can upload yourself programs or conferences you have, we'd be glad to have them as favorites on our dailymotion, vodeo or youtube's services .

We advise some of the footages are tough.
Please control access for the kids, as some of the images could impact young minds.
Also we can't really impose only critical videos, it is quiet interesting to see what cults and therapies propose to the surfer on the web. We can't ensure quality and content, it's raw material, we can't check every single video (help wanted).

Please exercize your freedom of mind as for a few it's commercials for weird therapies, gurus or cults.

How to become a guru a leader of a cult:

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