22 avril 2008

Reports on sectarian crimes

If you'd wish to have further informations concerning Children rights facing sectarian drifts and cults, please check the website treating this subject extensively in France:

Interministerial Mission of vigilance and fight against sectarian drifts. For the 2003 report please click here

Let us remind that the only Defender of the Rights of the Child in the world who has denounced sectarian crimes comitted against children is the Defender of the Minors of the autonomous Community of Madrid in Spain www.dmenor-mad.es

You will also be able to find some articles on the sites of information ICSA International Cultic Studies Association, HEMEROSECTAS and PREVENSECTES
For the parents of children submitted against their will, the legal systems of the European Union rarely offer the necessary benevolence to the respect of the Human rights - UNO, and 1789 - and curiously apply the International convention of Children Rights - CIDE UNO NYC 1989-

We are in favour of the dejudiciarisation of the divorces and separations, the Family Mediation most favourably outside legal fields, if not, a preventive and therapeutic use of the Law.
In France laws exist, alas well seldom applied by the judges of the sections of the Family or Childhood against the sectarian organizations (cf: article of France Soir of January 14, 2005) or the sectarized parent.

Article 371-1 of the french Civil code: the parental authority is a whole of rights and duties having for finality the interest of the child to protect him in his safety, its health and its morality. To ensure his education and to allow his development, in the respect due to his person.

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