11 novembre 2001

What is the Parental Network Europe

Welcome to the Parental Network Europe

Geneva, 11 November 2001

Hello Kids, Moms and Dads, and Grand-Parents.

We are originally an association of concerned parents whose children have been kidnapped by sects and cults, we are especially concerned by those active in Europe.

We seek to work together in order to stop these acts, our working together will help and support those suffering these tremendous separations.

We have realized that we have to get together in order to be strong and to free our children.

Either one of the parents or both were manipulated into joining the cult, or their children have. I would like to talk, to you about what has come to be known as "sectarian" organization and the so-called "sectarian therapy" being practiced on innocent people.

Whatever the case, you should want to free minors in danger !

"Parental Network" is here to help you take the necessary steps to organize and free legally the children taken by these various sects and cults.

Adults and furthermore gvts. must protect children's bio-psycho social development and care for the respect their rights.

Do not hesitate to contact us :

parental.network at gmail.com for english speaking countries
reseau.parental at bluewin.ch for french and german speaking countries
red.parental at terra.es for spanish and portuguese speaking countries